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Candice Lake, Hedvig Opshaug and Martha Ward - Credit: กระเป๋าแฟชั่น Rex More But what is it actually like facing a barrage of photographers? Insane, intimidating and extremely aggressive is how Ormerod sums it up.Some of the photographers are out of control.I was elbowed in the face onceand had a purple bruise on my eyelid the next day. But the style leaders soon learn to negotiate theworld of hierarchieswhen arriving and leaving every show. If you arrive at the same time as Anna dello Russo then you just get shoved out of the way, laughs Charriere. Its amazing how they move around in a pack and see something in unison and all go crazy for it, adds Ward. Anna Dello Russo posing for paps at Paris Fashion Week - Credit: Rex More Have they ever had to get changed in the back of a car? All the street style leaders admitthatphotographers are just there to do their jobs and get their picture.I have them to credit for my blog becoming so big, says Charriere.Many of them are my friends, so Im not going to turn my nose up at them. In New York last year, Charriere had just got into the warm after walking to the show in temperatures of -17 when she saw a message from one of her photographer friends asking if shed come back out so he could get the shot hed missed. I went out and did it for him she says.But then fainted when I finally got back inside." Ward has also experienced the perils of being camera-ready in tricky conditions, albeit with a funnier outcome. I had to change for a dinner in the loo of a restaurant but it was impossible for me to do up the buttons myself, she recalls. "SoI had to ask the Addison Lee driver to do up my fiddly buttons which was a far from an ideal arrangement for either of us. Camille Charriere and Alexandra Carl - Credit: Rex More And how do they feel studying the photos afterwards? Street style stars might give the impression of being consummate posing professionals but they all say that it can feel like a cringe worthy process. We arent models points out Ward.Im soterribly bad at posing when Im pulled over by a particular photographer, rather than being caught on the hoof.

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